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Create the ultimate resume and covering letter with Canva

Shaun M Jooste


Whether you’re fresh out of school or have several years of employment under the belt, looking for a new job can be daunting for most people. There’s the fear of rejection, especially with so many out there applying for the same positions. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a resume that reflects your skills in the best possible way.

When it comes to first impressions, nothing works better than a beautiful application that catches the eye. We’ll show you how you can create a resume on Canva with an assortment of templates and designs.

Create the ultimate resume and covering letter with Canva

The importance of an excellent resume

There are two main purposes of a resume. The first is to show your potential employer who you are while the second showcases the skills you have that will benefit the company. When the interviewer received over a hundred applications, you can be assured that they’ll spend as little time as possible working through each one looking at key points.

In essence, the resume is a marketing campaign for you and what you offer. If you just have a bland document with no proper outline or incorrect grammar, the reader will quickly yawn and move on. You need to find a way to quickly highlight your skillset and how you can be an asset.

Create the ultimate resume and covering letter with Canva

Design elements for your resume and covering letter

Including your personal information and experience are only some aspects of an outstanding resume. What you’ll want is a design that draws focus on the elements you want the interviewer to see first. To this end, you can look into various resume layouts on Canva that will suit your needs:

  • Traditional: straightforward design that’s easy to skim for the essential information
  • Graphics: when applying for marketing and creative industries, you can add some color and themes
  • Photographic: images can be added if you want to show how you look or some of your work

Using Canva templates for professional designs

No matter which industry you’re applying for, you can find an appropriate resume and cover letter design on Canva. There’s a search bar where you can look at what templates are available, showcasing the best layouts for professional CVs. The only work you’ll need to put into it is the information the interviewer is looking for.

You don’t need to settle for using the Canva templates as they are. There’s plenty of functionality on the program to quickly edit any of the outline styles. It’s a much better approach than creating a resume from scratch for hours wondering which colors and design elements to use.

Create the ultimate resume and covering letter with Canva

Choosing the resume format

Once you’ve selected the design and template, you still need to work on a format. You may think that format is the same as an outline, but it’s a completely different element. Here, you’ll decide in what order you’ll present your information that will drive home why the company should hire you.

Many people aim for a chronological format that shows your work history and how you’ve progressed from your first job. There’s also a functional resume where you tailor specific elements to the interview and work requirements. You can also combine these formats into a new design that uses the best of both types. These are only a few examples.

How to create a resume on Canva

There are two ways you can create a resume on Canva using the elements mentioned above. The first is searching for templates, selecting one, and altering the format to suit your needs. We recommend the second technique that uses the resume design wizard.

Once you start the Canva resume wizard, you’ll see a new window with a blank page. You’ll follow the steps that appear on screen, but here are some tips:

  1. Select a template from the left pane
  2. Edit the text to include your information
  3. Add font combinations or colors to attract attention
  4. Insert media elements like videos or photos where needed
  5. You can also add a frame if appropriate for the industry
  6. If you’re sending a digital resume you can add audio
  7. Name and save your resume
Create the ultimate resume and covering letter with Canva

Impress others with your outstanding skills

Creating the ultimate resume doesn’t need to take you all day if you have the right tools. There are many applications that let you do so from scratch, but few have the powerful design templates and utilities that Canva does. They’re easy to use, and you can see the visual impression as you work on the document.

The best part of using Canva for your resume is that you can tailor the format, layout, and design for the company’s industry. It shows them that you paid attention to the job advertisement and what you can do if you join forces with them. Of course, there’s more to Canva than just crafting resumes, so make sure to check out all the other features and templates.

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